The Amway Atmosphere air purifier uses a pre-filter and HEPA air filter to remove allergens, dust and bacteria from the air. The Atmosphere air purifier also. Find out more about the Amway Atmosphere air purifier, including ratings , performance, and pricing from Consumer Reports. Amway Atmosphere Air Purifier Review – Is it worth $ and how does it compare to popular air purifier.

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Should be replaced soon. Amway atmosphere air purifier means that we should stop buying and consuming problematic atmospphere. Stage 1 HEPA – best for allergies as it removes dust, pollen and dander. Pros and Cons Pros 1 – Uses HEPA – best for allergies 2 – Uses Carbon – for odor and gases 3 – Has a remote, an atkosphere particle sensor, and electronic monitor which indicates when amway atmosphere air purifier replace the filters Cons 1 – A bit pricey for only sq.

Clicking “Shop” will take you to the retailer’s website to shop for amaay product. AUTO mode — Fan speed automatically changes in response to input from the particulate sensor.

Amway Atmosphere Air Purifier Review

If you’d like to report alr safety problem with your amway atmosphere air purifier, please fill out this form. How well models cleared air amway atmosphere air purifier fine clay dust and cigarette smoke; performance of portables is at their highest and lowest speeds.


The Quixtar web site also claims purififr the Atmosphere Air Purifier was “ranked among the best air purification systems” in a December issue of “a leading US consumer magazine” although no references are provided to the magazine or the study.

Please try again, in a moment. Three Stages of Filtration Process.

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Don’t have an account? You now have access to benefits that can help you choose right, be safe and stay informed. For other terms and conditions of warranty, please see Owner’s Manual.

Atmosphere Air Amway atmosphere air purifier Share this page with others: IBO Only – Do not display my key business indicators. What types of operating modes are available? You will recieve atmospnere email confirmation before your next order processing. After reading this review, if you’d like a comparison go to the Comparison Chart via the left or right menu. Pre-Filter Removes larger airborne lint and dust particles in the amway atmosphere air purifier, extending the lifespan of other filter layers.

Also avoid placing the amway atmosphere air purifier purifier in front of heating or air conditioning vents. Available in only one model, the Atmosphere unit cleans a room up to square feet and offers a programmable timer with five settings that can be operated via a remote control.


Filter life varies from months. The fan speed will be automatically adjusted to a higher level when the air becomes dirty. I acknowledge that this product will be added to my scheduled list with a qty of “1” per month and will be charged to my selected payment method. Please replace the two filters according to the signals given by the filter monitor icons in the amway atmosphere air purifier panel.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this product! Since Atmosphere Air Purifiers are sold through independent agents, it is often difficult to get after-the-sale support, parts and fulfillment of warranty obligations.

Amway Atmosphere™ Air Purifier

Reactivate now to get the information you were looking for! Live Healthier Outstanding, advanced air purification technology that you can set and forget. The sales brochure for Quixtar has a disclaimer that states some of the microbes listed are considered pathogenic and the Atmosphere Air Purifier cannot be considered atmospuere protection from such airborne microbes. Amway Atmosphere Air Purifier Comparisons.

The Amway Atmosphere Air Amway atmosphere air purifier uses 3 stages. Yearly Cost – NA.