The questions from this quiz might be asked in top management entrance exams such as IIFT, NMAT, MAT, SNAP, IBSAT, and CMAT etc. Take the GK quiz for. 15 Aug Read the top questions to prepare for the general knowledge section of CMAT at MBA section of 23 Dec Please use this thread to discuss/share the GK questions/latest . any1 plz send IIFT GK compendium nd question bank thnx in advance.

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So the important part is to find out some key word in the articles wherefrom you learn and prepare the Questilns. The business quiz for MBA aspirants focuses only on the issues pertaining to business eco-system. Neither expand cmat gk questions 2014 contract the supply of money.

Read the questions and prepare for your GK for the upcoming management entrance exams. Time to revise and finalise your preparation in next 15 days.

By signing up for newsletters, you agree to our Privacy Policy and cmat gk questions 2014 consent to receive communications related to marketing, promotions and latest updates. I have approximately 10 years of experience in the field of aptitude test.

Other questions were on grammar, jumbled paragraphs, fill in the blanks etc.

CMAT Exam Analysis: First Day balanced with all Sections; know more

In this business quiz we have compiled a list of 10 logos which particularly belong to beauty brands. CMAT aspirants could complete this section in minutes and focused more on other sections.

There were 4 sections, with 25 questions per section. Regular reading of the national events in the newspapers like The Hindu and the above mentioned ones will be quite advantageous. Issues in Science and technology and current happening in the Sports are also covered in this cmat gk questions 2014. Which state celebrated the bicentenary years of the Paika revolt against the British Empire in ? These are famous taglines which are advertised often cmat gk questions 2014 promote these brands. You are required to meticulously follow the guided path and rest assured- if you do it, you will succeed.


A few candidates while coming out of the examination hall also complained that a few questions had incorrect answer options, although it could not cmat gk questions 2014 confirmed by other candidates of the same centre. Who has officially clinched the Republican nomination for the US President after a state-by-state vote at the Party Convention?

Out of maximum score ofcandidates may expect admission in cmat gk questions 2014 rated B school cmat gk questions 2014 a score in a range of to This section was more friendly to those who have kept themselves abreast with current national and international affairs. The business quiz for MBA aspirants is a an interactive guide to aid you in your preparation of all the management entrance exams. There were candidates who completed the Quant section in minutes before moving forward to complete another section.

CMAT Sep on its first day was on expected pattern with a total of questions divided in 4 sections of 25 questions each. All the Candidates, in one or the other way, are enriching their General Knowledge on the topics they like and are inclined to. This section had given much weight to the Vocabulary area.

Which of the given below operations was started to evacuate Indian citizens who were stranded in South Sudan’s capital Juba?

CMAT-General Awareness Practice Papers, Question Papers for Exam

Take the GK quiz for the week beginning 01 Sept to 10 Sept and test you general awareness on latest happenings. No doubt the pressure becomes more when the examination is at hand; so have a balanced approach.

Which country has launched the first of its new generation weather satellites Fengyun-4? Global happenings that mark their impacts in the country must be well cmat gk questions 2014.

These topics are put forth in the form of MCQ questions along with their answers. According to the experts, the CMAT September was on the expected lines and cmat gk questions 2014 overall difficulty level was termed as easy to moderate. Cmat gk questions 2014 course, in my case things become easier because I keep taking these exams from time to time.


Guess the Conglomerate from its tagline JUL Devote a few minutes every day and try to learn this type of GK as much as possible.

Do you this trivia? Preparing for the MBA Entrances?

CMAT September 2014 topper: Gaurav Dave believes GK is the deal clincher

A well educated person is expected to have at least a good knowledge of national and international affairs taking place. I would suggest students to start working on the mock tests at least one month to 40 days before the exam.

The tips to various areas of preparation are appended. Which harmful chemical is found in the bread and is claimed to cause cancer in the consumers? This section can be termed as moderate to tough.

According to the analysis made by T. The current happenings in the week Cmat gk questions 2014 29, to May 05, in the business world are the prime focus of the quiz. Try to cover hot cmat gk questions 2014 in Business, Finance and Economy. Because the flavor of the CMAT questions is very different compared to other exams. Since examination paper must have been prepared, at least a fortnight before the examination date, you may eliminate such events which take place a fortnight or so prior to examination date.

The 5 day window test had hk on Thursday, September 25, Most of the questions were based on economy and conventional general knowledge. CMAT on its first day was on expected pattern with a total of questions divided in 4 sections of 25 questions each.