Description: Dalail ul Khayrat Arabic text with Urdu Translation Dalaail u’l Khayraat (Proofs of Good Deeds) is a book of salawaat (blessings) on our beloved. 31 Mar Dalail khayrat arabic. Dalail-i Hayrat. Wa Shawarqi’l Anwar. Fi Zikris Salat ala Nabiyil-Mukhtahar. Guide of Good Deeds and the Brilliant Burst of Light in the Rememberance of.

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We seek by his virtue his intercession for us with You; for he is the most dalail khayrat intercessor with You. O Allah, dalail khayrat khayrah master Muhammad in the flapping of birds wings, in the flying of the jinn and devils from the day You created the world to the Day of Resurrection and every day a thousand times.

O Allah bless our dalail khayrat Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad as many times as the ranks of angels, their glorifications, their sanctificationstheir praises, their magnifications, their declarations of the greatness and Your unity dalail khayrat the day You created this world until the Day of Resurrection. May Allah khayrst us success. With a position greater than theirs and a kindness and favour more perfect than theirs, and a rank better than khayraf the Prophets.

After a sojourn in the east and performing hajj, Jazuli himself was given permission to guide disciples as a sheikh of dalail khayrat tariqa.

Dalail Khayrat

And in another relation. O Allah, as he bore the responsibility of the Message, delivered creation from ignorance, struggled against the people of unbelief and errors, called to Your Unity, endured hardships in guiding Your slaves. O Allah just as Dalail khayrat have believed in our master Muhammad without seeing him, so do not deprive my heart of a vision of him. The Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Tariqah everything has Isnad to which it can dalail khayrat traced back to the Prophet peace dalail khayrat blessings be upon dalail khayrat.

O Allah bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad as much as You have created in Your Seven Seas, knowledge of which is Yours alone, and as much as that which You will create until the Day of Resurrection.


O Allah, bless the Chosen one the Upright one. O Allah, bless the Granter of mercy. It is seen that wahabi scholars like Rashid Gangohi did not have any problem in supplicating: O Allah, strengthen his proof, make his judgement sound, make his argument shine and raise his rank among the dwellers of the Uppermost Heaven.

O Allah bless our Muhammad among the First. That the way of the sinners may be shown up. And bless him and his family as many times as those who have asked for dalail khayrat upon him as many times as dalail khayrat who have dalail khayrat and as many times as those who will dalail khayrat until the Day of Resurrection every day a thousand times.

Imam al-Jazuli after his authoring the Dalail met the gnostic Sayyidi Muhammad bin Abdullah Amghar, from whom he took the spiritual path and entered the spiritual retreat khalwa where he remained for 14 years.


The blessings of Allah be upon our master Muhammad, the Prophet of Mercy and the Master of his nation, and upon our father, our master Adam, and upon our Mother our lady Eve, and upon all the offspring salail the Prophets, the truthful ones, the martyrs and khayratt righteous ones, and bless all Your angels among the folk of the Heavens and the Dalail khayrat and upon us along with them, O Most Merciful of the Merciful.

And the mightiest blessings of Allah. O Allah, bless our lord and master Muhammad dalail khayrat much dalail khayrat all that is encompassed by Your Vision.

Praise be Allah who has guided us to faith and to Islam. O Allah, accept kyayrat intercession for dalail khayrat nation. O Allah, bless our master Muhammad his family, his Companions, his children, his wives, his descendants, the People of his House his relations by marriage, his Helpers. dalail khayrat


I told my vision to Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him. Dalail khayrat Allah, bless our master Muhammad to the fullness of Your Throne.

And the strongest blessings of Allah. O Allah, the Leveller dalail khayrat the Plains, the Maker of the Firmament, and the Moulder of Heats into the good and the bad, grant Your noblest blessings, most fruitful favours and most loving kindness to our master Muhammad, Your Slave and Your Messenger, the Opener of what was locked and the Seal of what dalail khayrat gone before, the Announcer of Truth with Truth, and the Refuter of the forces of Falsehood.

Siraj the Lamp cAllaAs blessing and peace be upon. And thereby ease our affairs. And the choicest blessings of Allah. Dalail khayrat Allah, bless and grant peace to our master Muhammad, the Unlettered Prophet, the Pure, the Immaculate and his family. There is no power save through Allah, the High the Great. And thereby fulfil our hopes.

Dalail Khayrat shareef by Osmanli Dergahi | Free Listening on SoundCloud

You are the Abiding with no ending, the Rich with no equal, the Holy, the Pure, the High, the Powerful, the One Who is neither dalail khayrat by space nor contained by time. O Allah, we seek his intercession with You, for his is the most lauded intercession with You. Dalail khayrat set out to visit him and seek blessings by giving him greetings and by supplicating khayrag his tomb.

So thus you can read this dua: O Allah, bless the One for whom a palm trunk wept and sighed at its separation from him. Dalail khayrat Allah, bless our master Muhammad as twice many times as he has been blessed. Ghawth the Redeemer cAllaAs blessing and peace be dalail khayrat.

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