Forward Motion. From Bach to Bebop: A Corrective Approach to Jazz Phrasing. by Hal Galper. A revolutionary breakthrough in jazz education! The core of the. Forward Motion by jazz pianist and educator Hal Galper was another one of these books that completely changed my perspective: it opened my eyes to the true. 10 Feb Forward Motion:The Secret Formula to Jazz Bebop Solo Improvisation jazz musician, except Hal Galper with his book Forward Motion.

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Some sort of modal interchange thing?

These forward motion hal galper are immutable and as applicable in Bach’s time as in ours. As most problems with playing music are perceptual in nature, to change the way you play you have to change the way you think.

Jonathan Cantin rated it it was amazing Dec 14, He really is just not swinging at all on any of forward motion hal galper. Vic Dillahay rated it really liked it Apr 17, Sep 15, 6. To support this, he shows examples of a Bach piece ahl cites the work of some scholar that studied Bach. Return to Book Page.

This chapter also includes a discussion of playing in half time and its effect upon a player’s conception of playing in tempo ending with forward motion hal galper short treatise on Rhythmic Syncopation. Search Media New Media. It explains the historical connection between how it was done then and how it is still done today, clarifies those aspects of improvising that have changed and those that haven’t and why. In the key of Bb The progression goes like this: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you forward motion hal galper to read.

On page of the same volume referring to Rudolf Westphal’s metrical study of the fugues in Bach’s Well-tempered Clavichord “…he proves again and again that those who regard the bar-lines in Bach’s music as the borders of the rhythmic factors are bound forward motion hal galper play him unrhythmically.


Galper contends that we must learn to hear 1 as the resolution of the prior measure. Such is the case, for example, when looking at a modern abstract painting by Klee. Beginning with our earliest childhood education a tacit conditioning occurs. RichardBSep 15, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Here’s a little tidbit from the book.

But why the 5 of the G7? BbMaj7 G7b9 Cmin7 F7b9 etc etc Preview — Forward Motion by Hal Galper.

Forward Motion: From Bach To Bebop A Corrective Approach To Jazz Phrasing

Then forward motion hal galper foeward plays the Eb gapper the G7b9 chord. Toy Siwat rated it it was amazing Mar 13, Arpeggios and Forward Motion elaborates on how to add pickups and resolutions to arpeggios giving them a feeling of motion demonstrating the difference between themes that are in and out of Forward Motion. Forward motion hal galper says he is thinking of it as the 5th tone of a superimposed Ab min triad Ab,Cb,Eb over the G7b9 chord.

To the ear, tension is intolerable and needs to be resolved.

Dharmandy rated forward motion hal galper it was amazing Mar 08, Matej Jaraba marked it as to-read Nov motio, I see an area of study already My other question is I thought he was using this as an example of playing chord tones on these chords to build a sort of guide tone melody Groups of 16ths resolve on the beats, rather than beginning there. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Sep 17, Harmonic Forward Motion details the advanced technique of spelling out chord changes in advance of where they are written and how to make them work within a solo line.

Cb is the 3rd forward motion hal galper Eb can be seen as the Altered 5th although i guess he just decided to alter it correct? Their purpose was mption show how melodies work as well as offering a way of practicing scales more in the manner they are used than in the way they were originally learned.


I understand that this alters the chord by sharping the 5th forwadd.

Jazz Guitar Lessons: Forward Motion by Hal Galper

Doczelig marked it as to-read Mar 26, And on the hearing level, the author states clearly that forward motion hal galper is played or improvised must be heard deeply inside beforehand. This is no less so for the musician. This same tendency is present in the ear as forward motion hal galper. When faced with a problem or something that doesn’t make sense, it automatically tries to make sense out of it by relating it to the familiar.

Understanding Forward Motion “The more upbeats you have in the music the more it swings” Dizzy Gillespie. You are being subjected to an illusion. FM is a practicing technique that takes advantage of this innate tendency to hear an idea in motion toward future rhythmic and harmonic resolution points.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The rules that govern music are universal, not affected by the passage of time, place or genre. When the articles were first published, I was sure I had come upon original research that no one else had duplicated. David Liebman endorsed the product and wrote a nice foreword by the way! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Since that time my understanding of the subject has grown and the way I use FM in my teaching has been modified.

I’m mindful of forward motion hal galper he says every time I practice.