Description. Psychic Sexuality. By Ingo Swann. In , Ingo Swann was invited by Dr. Elmer Green at the Menninger Foundation to participate in experiments. Psychic sexuality has 26 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Ingo Swann Books, pages, Unknown Binding. PSYCHIC. SEXUALITY. The Bio-Psychic “Anatomy” of Sexual Energies. INGO SWANN Published in the United States by Ingo Swann Books,. P.O. Box

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And so they utilized terms more familiar to them. And such general experiencing can sometimes be as dramatic as that encountered in the special cases of vital-energy research. Paulo Baptista marked it as to-read Mar 09, Michael marked it as to-read Jul 28, I hese consisted xexuality large rooms noted for the opulence of their furnish- ings, with enormous reflecting mirrors everywhere, the whole being I dimly lit.

At first sight, the profusion of names might appear as merely a semantic difficulty.

This was high patronage, indeed. But leaning too heavily on them tends to obscure another im- portant factor.

wwann Indeed the thought-transference phenomenon was an insult to One of the results of dumping the fluid Life principle and. Of course, the mainstream forces cannot really prevent such research if it is undertaken individually and without nigo ap- proval.

But probably analogous to them are various magnetic plates designed in Japan during the s, which also produced cures. Many professional pho- swahn made the most scrupulous examination of the materials Mumler had used. Why Reich should have been imprisoned for nearly three years on the mere charge of contempt of court is, by any rationale, not readily comprehensible.

Undaunted, he moved to Berlin in Indeed, what individuals dynami cally experience is often at odds with the general, non-dynamic param eters of each of the conventional categories.

Psychic sexuality: The bio-psychic “anatomy” of sexual energies

I But if the sciences were successful in achieving this, an entire I new set of problems and confusions emerged. Sexuxlity history had it that the Spartans had succeeded in this, thereby making them a Force to be dealt with — as well as had various elements of ancient Persia, Babylon, Egypt, Macedonia — and of course, ancient India from which the exoteric and esoteric Tantric formulas had emerged in the first place.

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Lists with This Book. Wolfzone rated it it was amazing Apr 24, Even a hint that the modern sciences, however unsuspectingly, might be replacing earlier illusions with new illusions of their own was untenable. ongo

Full text of “Psychic Sexuality”

There remained, however, the problem of emotions and motor impulses across distance, and which were still incorporated within the general grab-all bag of clairvoyance. Odin also was kept busy as the god ol war, learning, and magic. Emil Johannessen rated it did not like it Dec 10, V I ndeed, in both pre-modern history and today, sexualizing ene -l. Without souls, animals would not suffer, and man would be absolved from guilt for exploiting, killing and eating them. For true consciousness depends sexualityy the interplay of a variety of human organisms coordinated into a harmonious whole.

In the s, he published 7b Kiss Earth Good-byethen went on to train a group at the heart of the beast – rubbing its nose, as it were, in the Obvious. Descartes went on to stipulate that in man the mind could sexulity direct the course of the fluid or animal spirits which controls move- ments. He discovered kerosene, paraffin, and creosote. The gray material could extend and contract.

As it turned out, the psychic force research was very substan- tial and persuasive. As originally intended, the collector was designed not to treat illness, but to visually study the bionic radiation. Sylvin added it Jul 04, In psychc words, here was direct physical evidence that thoughts. He submitted his report to the Royal Society on June 15, They indi- cate that chi gong has a history of 3, years, and so the Chinese have developed many interpretations of it.

Reichenbach appears to have been something of a political ac- i ivist during his student days. The evidence found is cumulative, and taken alto- gether is highly supportive of the real existence of such energies.

But it will illuminate a lot of factors, and bring us very much closer to the entire contexts of sexualiz- mg energies.

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Observe the Obvious – the fruits, the effects of our efforts on ourselves and all our relatives, the change in you that entails the change in me and them and all of it everywhere. But the remarkable micro-clairvoyance of Leadbeater and Besant can arise only as the result of some kind of very controlled en- hancement methods and processes. With this development, a situational crisis subtly arose that was rather frightening within the larger contexts of the societal statu. In any event, several knowledgeable researchers claimed that such photographs were achieved by Baraduc, and there seems little reason to doubt it.

This simply involves NOT teaching people how to expand, re- fine, and hone their innate sensitivities beyond what is needed to fit them into average societal formulas. Herein lies a great difficulty, in that the knowledge gap between sexual energies per se and sexual behavior per se is not only enormous but gargantuan. Because they are quite complicated and require copious back- n.

In the twentieth century, something along these lines was at- tempted by the redoubtable Eric John Dingwall, Ph. A little further thinking can reveal that a response is not exactly the same as an impulse.

Psychic Sexuality

Thus, in the historical sense beginning in the Renaissance, we have a sequential profusion of names, but all of which get back to hu- man energies.

In terms of life it refers to vitality. For example, the positive interest of Sir William Crookes in the physical phenomena of Spiritualism damaged his high scientific standing almost beyond re- pair.

It resulted in a veritable Age of Mesmer- ism, the vitality of which took on international interest and fascination t hut endured for about years.

I A great hubbub immediately followed.