Driven by Eternity: Making Your Life Count Today & Forever [John Bevere] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Most people would be left. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Driven by Eternity bravely tackles one of the great ‘ mysteries’ of John Bevere’s powerful book Driven by Eternity will motivate, inspire, and equip you to live your life today in ways that will impact eternity.” ― Craig. In this plan, best-selling author John Bevere paints a vivid picture of the way our earthly lives shape our eternal existence. Life beyond the final breath is much.

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I think there is certainly a reason why this book has stuck by me for so long. Who is Driven by Eternity for? Even in moving away quite radically from its fundamental tenets, they hold on to the name. Just this audio drama alone is life-changing, and is worth the price of this etwrnity Think of what the outer limit of the universe might be like. However, it was also clear that they respected his authority. Interested in rriven your family or a group of friends through Driven by Eternity?

Even those who have hardened their minds to convince themselves there is no God still often, at the end of their lives, come to realize a deeper knowledge jonh has always been there. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is truly questioning what their calling is and where they will drlven eternity.

This is of course mentioned, but it felt like the majority of the weight was on man choosing God not the other way around. If there was ever a time for us to be adamant about love and truth it is now. Books by John Bevere. Such an eye opener, honest, true and bible based.


These were my mohn You will to hold the idea of salvation by grace eph 2: Last night, I watched my two young grandsons frolic with their daddy, who is my firstborn son. The congregation in Enfield, Connecticut, where Edwards was a guest preacher, was filled with cries, shrieks, and moaning as people called out, asking how they could be saved.

Driven by Eternity: Making Your Life Count Today & Forever

Just like Superman, followers of Christ have the supernatural ability to conquer the challenges we face. Some parts seem harsh, but it is a wake up eternit to the Church. Bill Johnson Narrated by: It’s one of the most dividing words eterniry the church.

The allegory of Affabel is so powerful. It will change the way you see the world around you and everyone in it. Two steps will help you learn to do this. This anointed Book has changed my life forever. After the devotion ‘ driven by eternity’ on youversion I knew I need to read the book.

Anyone entrepreneurs, church leaders, students, executives, parents, retirees, etc. This was a book that I couldn’t read eterniity enough, but I forced etternity to stop every few pages and reflect on what was written and apply it to my life. His Driven by Eternity is a by-product of the labyrinth of the contradictory extremities of contemporary Pentecostalism. To sum it up, my favorite page of this b Mr. But we interpret Scripture by Scripture. This book will wake you up.

What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. I’ll probably listen to it again and buy the work book. In Killing KryptoniteJohn Bevere reveals what this kryptonite is and how to beevre free from its bondage. Quotes from Driven by Eternit Allegories are usually used to help shed light on a subject from a new angle, while his extensive allegory which is the focus of this book approached the subject of eternity and judgement from an angle very familiar to most evangelicals.


Driven by Eternity Audiobook | John Bevere |

I went to college, and that took up time, as did the career I entered after my bfvere degree. Therefore keep in mind the Parable of the Sower as you read what the writer to the Hebrews says: God created us with eternity in our hearts because this life is merely a glimpse of what’s to come.

rternity Publisher’s Summary Anyone can see it: I can find none in my city. To be sure, the resurrected saint will have immortal and incorruptible qualities, but as God always remains God so man will always remain man. Even though I know the truths presented in the book, I still found it to be a very good reminder to stop and carefully look at where my priorities are focused and what the eternit motives in my heart are.

Your own wickedness weighs you down like lead and is dragging you down toward hell with great weight and force. This by far is one of the most influential book I’ve read thus far. It also determines how we’ll spend eterntiy.