7 Nov This post has awesome oracle dba interview questions and answers to succeed in any oracle interviews. This will test your knowledge on. 7 Database Administrator Interview Questions and Answers Example: “I worked with Oracle on-premises databases in a mid-size professional services. 5 Jun Oracle interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced, Oracle interview questions pdf, Oracle online test, Oracle Jobs, oracle.

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SQL Tuning Advisor suggests query rewrites. There is a fine balance between confidence and arrogance.

Faster access to data blocks in a table. Search BC Oracle Sites. July 16, at In this architecture, there will be multiple shared server processes and dispatcher processes.

It can also create local archived redo logs and transmit online redo to standby databases. View is a type of virtual table and there is a query attached to every view in order to identify specific rows and columns of the table.

March 17, at Synonym is used to mask the original name and owner of an object and provides oracle dba interview question and answer access to an object. What experience have you had analyzing new systems? Answer The system change number SCN is an ever-increasing value that uniquely identifies a committed version of the database at a point in time.

Oracle DBA interview questions

The cluster registry holds all information about nodes, instances, services and ASM storage if used, it also contains oracle dba interview question and answer information ie they are available and up or similar. How would you do that? Data Guard is only available on Enterprise Edition. The resetlogs clause would reset the log sequence numbers within the log files and orac,e start them from 0 thus enabling you to open the database but on the cost of losing all what was there in the redo log files.


All the extents that an object takes when grouped together are considered the segment of the oracle dba interview question and answer object. Oracle uses tables of a database to store data into rows and intervidw.

O00x, a group slave processes, with a numeric sequence starting at This second digit shows the maintenance release number of the software. Review it ahead of time, then print it out and read it over just before your interview to refresh your memory.

Oracle DBA Interview Questions and Answers

A control file contains entries that specify the physical rba of the database such as Database name and the Names and locations of datafiles and redo log oracle dba interview question and answer. ASM filename syntax is as follows: Roll Out to Additional Hosts.

Until now, we have to keep adding multiple address records in all clients tnsnames.

Oracle Performance Tuning Application user is complaining the database is slow. A transaction is a sequence of SQL statements lracle Oracle treats as a single unit of work.

Can anybody let me know, from where I need to start? What view would you use to look at the size of a data file? How do you automatically force intrview oracle to perform a checkpoint? How to view Database Incarnation history of Database?

Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Install the Oracle Database Software Task 3: Oracle RAC provides the foundation for enterprise grid computing. When they find an incoming request, they execute this SQL query and questjon the results in the response queue. This article is very informative. These are known as next extents. It is mandatory process of DB and starts by default. Netstat — reports on oracle dba interview question and answer contents of network ingerview structures.


How to delay the application of logs to a physical standby?

Top 40 oracle dba interview questions and answers

When creating a user, what permissions must you grant to allow them to connect to the database? The fifth digit oracls a platform-specific release. Oracle Enqueue and locks Oracle table locks: Changing the parameter to a value which prevents the discovery of already mounted disks results in an error.

A physical standby database is kept oracle dba interview question and answer with the primary database, through Redo Apply, which recovers the redo data received from the primary database and applies the redo to the physical standby database. To get started, create 2 disk groups — one for data and one for orqcle files. Back Up the Database Task 6: Every redo log file has both a log sequence number and low and high SCN.