Support – JV Owner’s Manuals. Owner’s Manual. END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT Please read this document carefully before proceeding with. convenient reference. The documentation for the JV consists of two manuals: “Quick form without the written permission of ROLAND CORPORATION. 19 Oct Collection synthmanuals-roland; synthmanuals; manuals; additional_collections Identifier synthmanual-roland-jvowners-manual.

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Higher settings will produce a more spacious effect. Fade page are displayed, you can press [F6] Palette to view the settings of the two pages vj a single Tone Palette page. Wave Number Select the waveform roland jv 2080 manual is to be the basis of the percussion instrument sound.

Make sure the Performance, Patch or Rhythm Set that you wish to save is selected. Try various settings, such as using different waveforms for each Tone, or changing the pitch. Time Reverb time Specify the length of reverberation. Read all the instructions before using the roland jv 2080 manual. Voice Reserve This setting specifies the number of voices that will be reserved for each Part when more than 64 voices roland jv 2080 manual played simultaneously.

Delay HF Damp Specify the frequency at which the high frequency range of the delayed sound returned to the input will be cut.

Copying Tone Settings Tone settings from any desired Patch can be copied to any desired Tone of the currently selected Patch. The sound will be output to reverb, cho- rus, and EFX. Higher set- tings will produce greater change.

The delay time will mamual to the System Tempo value. Cut the frequency region below the Cutoff Freq setting. Press [CARD] to make the indica- tor light. You may prefer to use headphones, so you do not need to be concerned about those around you espe- cially when it is late at night. The filter will not be used. At each point, you can specify the difference in pitch relative to the standard pitch the Coarse Tune and Fine Tune values specified in [F2] Pitch.


This type of filter cuts the portion that lies below the roland jv 2080 manual frequen- cy. General Q General a 12? Switch ON 1 64 12? Make settings so that pressing the foot switch will transmit Kv controller messages Controller number 4.

With the factory settings, this is set to ch. This type mixes Roland jv 2080 manual 1 3 and Tone 2 4applies a filter to the mixed sound, and passes the result through a booster to dis- tort the waveform. Roland jv 2080 manual will always apply. Press [F6] Execute to execute j copy opera- tion. The specified value will be shown graphically in the lower right roland jv 2080 manual the display.

This means that if a GM score is played back from the middle of the song, the JV will not switch to a GM sound source, and playback may not be correct. Explanations of each parameter item will be found on the reference page given in the diagram.

If you wish to keep them, perform the Save proce- dure. It is more convenient to use a roland jv 2080 manual switch to switch the rotary speed, since you will have both hands free to play the keyboard rolanr when the modulation lever is used to switch the speed.

A Remove only the specified screws p. Then press [F6] Execute once again to execute the Factory Preset operation.


Roland JV-2080 Owner’s Manual

The time of the pitch change will change proportionately to the pitch. Delay Balance Specify the volume balance between the overdrive sound that does not rokand through the delay and the overdrive sound that does pass through the delay. The product should be serviced by qualified service personnel when: Sample and hold wave RND: Additionally, roland jv 2080 manual order to feel assured that you have gained a good grasp of every feature provided by your new unit, this manual should be read in its entirety.

The product should be located away from heat roland jv 2080 manual such as radiators, heat registers, or other products that produce heat.

Roland JV Owner’s Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

High Gain Specify the high frequency gain amount of boost or cut. Loop These are sounds that have a long decay or which are sustained. Roland jv 2080 manual Keyfollow Cutoff frequency key follow Use this setting when you want the cutoff rland to be affected by the keyboard location.

Select this setting when you wish to use reverb, chorus, and Rolanc. Only the last-played note will sound. Balance Effect balance Specify the volume balance between the original sound and the tremolo-chorus sound. The delay time will synchronize roland jv 2080 manual the Patch Tempo value. If you xvish to keep them, use the Write operation.