26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. Document Name: SAE J Test for Motor Vehicle Lighting Devices and Components CFR Section(s): 49 CFR S (e) Standards Body: Society of. SAE J Test Methods and Equipment for Lighting Devices for Use on Vehicles Less than mm in Overall Width.

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Devices with a length exceeding mm shall be horizontally centered in the test cham- ber.

Dust tests are mainly performed to test functioning of electronic components under extreme environmental conditions. The bottom sae j575 the chamber may be “hopper shaped” to aid 1n collecting the dust.

For sensor systems with lens es that change the diameter of the intercepted light beam before it reaches the actual detector surface, the maximum size requirements shall apply to the total area of the light actually intercepted by the lens surface, The sensor shall be capable of intercepting all direct illumination sae j575 the largest illuminated dimen- sions of the sample device at the test distance.

The purpose of the alternate Water Submersion Test 4. Each sample shall be sae j575 mounted on a test fixture sae j575 its designed operating position and shall include all accessory equip- ment necessary to operate the device in its normal manner. The use of this report i3 entirely voluntary, and its sae j575 and suitability for any particular use, including any patent infringement arising therefrom, is the sole responsibility of the user.


Upon completion of the drain period, the Interior of the test device shall be observed for moisture accumulation. If this 1s not possible, a transition table shall be used to mechanically interface the large test fixture base to the smaller vibrator table. The letters “V” and “H” designate the vertical and horizontal planes Intersecting both the device light source or center of a reflex reflector and sae j575 photometer axis.

Society for Automotive Engineering All sample devices may be tested only to the Dust Exposure Test 4. The formation of dust within the test space is effected by compressed air injection through four special nozzles.

A’devlce sae j575 designed to support the lighting device In its designed operating position during- laboratory testing. All sample devices may be tested only to the Dust J5575 Test 4.

Lib SAE J575 Rain Test Equipment

This test sqe is applicable only. Pears, Lakewood, CO J. Sae j575 dust is found, the exterior optical surfaces of the device sae j575 be cleaned and the maximum luminous intensity photo- metrically measured anid recorded. If the measured moisture accumulation exceeds 2 mL, the Interior volume of the sample device shall be measured and the results recorded.

An Initial photometric measurement may be sae j575 prior to the dust exposure 1 n 4. Full text of ” SAE J Where special bulbs are used, they shall be operated at their rated luminous flux output. Upon completion of test procedure sae j575.

  F5D7230-4 MANUAL PDF

Spray Fbg Testings, shall be used.

Sae J Rain Test Chamber, Sae J Rain Test Chamber Suppliers and Manufacturers at

This test Is not intended to test the vibration resistance of bulbs or the Internal components of sealed beam sae j575. Stop-Turn Signal Functions which are optically combined shall be tested as a stop function only. Vertical axis of- the device as 1t Is mounted on the.

A sample device as mounted sae j575 the test fixture as defined in 2. Unless otherwise specified, this Intersection shall be parallel to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle in the sae j575 of the designed operating position of front or rear device.

The letters “U,” “D,” sae j575 and “R” up, down, left; and fight respectively designate the angular position in degrees from the H and V planes to the photometer as viewed from a lamp, or to the source of illumination as viewed from a reflex reflector. The dust is blown and swirled in upper test space by intensive air movement.

A water spray cabinet with a rotating test platform shall sae j575 used with the following characteristics: Sae j575 with a length exceeding mm saw be horizontally centered In the test chamber. The acceleration component measured shall be in the direction of table travel.

Devices with multiple function combinations shall be tested with all functions simultaneously operating as specified, except for back-up functions.