Santhana Gopala Yantra will bless the childless couples with progeny. The power lines of the Yantra will ensure safe delivery of baby and also stimulates the . 27 Apr In this article, we will take you through the very powerful Santana Gopala Mantra. Women who wish to conceive, can chant it. Santana Gopala stotram (Prayer to Lord Krishna as a child) Translated by P.R. Ramachander (Due to various reasons many couple are not blessed with.

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Oh Govinda who gives the son wealth who is worshipped by devas, I salute always Krishna and pray for a son to him. The third-party service providers that generate these cookies, such as, social media platforms, have their own privacy policies, and may use their cookies to target advertisement to you on other websites, based on your visit to our sites.

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Santana gopala mantra in thank the author of that transliteration. Don’t know your Moon sign? Chant the Mantra above in front of the Yantra, preferably after showering. By continuing to browse or use our sites, you agree that we can store and access cookies and other tracking technologies as described in this policy.

Flower to the devotee, Govinda, MukundaMadhavasantana gopala mantra in, Gopala, God with lotus like eyes, Give me a blessed son. Sign up today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates.

If you subscribe to a newsletter or otherwise register with the Sites, these cookies may be correlated to you. Santan Gopal Mantra removes all difficulties associated with the conceiving and birth of a child.


Powerful Santana Gopala Mantra for women who wish to conceive | And More News

Santana gopala mantra in from ” http: There are precise guidelines as to how a Mantra should be santana gopala mantra in, and when done so with devotion, they can create vibrations that can bring peace and joy to the devotees. Lakshmana agraja gopaka dehi me tanayam sadaa.

The gopla of Lord Krishna in the form of child proves effective for those couple who are not able to get the happiness of the child. For instance, we will recognize your user gppala and remember how you customized the sites and services, for example by adjusting text size, fonts, languages and other parts of web pages that are alterable, and provide you with the same customizations during future visits.

You santana gopala mantra in receive the sacred grey ash powder from the homa and kum-kum Red Vermillion Powderblessed in the ritual. Place the Yantra facing the East or the North in a clean and sacred altar. We do not control msntra setting of these cookies so please check the websites of these third parties for more information about glpala cookies and how to manage them. How do our sites use Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies? I always salute for getting a son the red eyed one who is Hari, Who drinks milk from the breasts of YasodaWho is son of Yadhu clan.

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SAntana Gopala stotram – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

The information provided below about cookies also applies to these other tracking technologies. The item has been added santana gopala mantra in your cart. I come santana gopala mantra in surrender to you, give me a son Oh Krishna, Oh Vasudeva who is saluted by the worldLord of Lakshmibest among purushas. Here is a very specific prayer addressed to Lord Krishna as a child requesting him for a son. Santana Gopal mantras are powerful prayers which can help eligible couples get good progeny.


Oh Lord who sleeps in Sri Rangaconsort of LakshmiMadhava who gives auspiciousness, Give me a sonOh consort of Lakshmi, the lord of gopa maidens.

Powerful Santana Gopala Mantra for women who wish to conceive

Your sincere prayers to his Yantra will heal your fertility problems and bless you with healthy children! Avail our best discounted offer now. Oh Raghava who is the flower to the oppressed, Give a son to this lowly one, Give me a son, give me a son, Give me a son, Oh Consort of Lakshmi.

Speciality of Santhana Gopala Yantra The energy lines engraved on the Yantra will nullify the obstacles that stand in your way santana gopala mantra in gopalq a child; it will alleviate your mental peace and bless you with progeny. Other favorable times are during auspicious horas suitable for the ritual. His childish pranks were santana gopala mantra in loveable as his heroic feats.

Lord of LakshmiLotus eyed oneLord who is father of PradyumnaGive me a son, give me a sonI surrender to you.

Each stanza of the prayer begs the lord to bless us with a son. Krishna with eyes like lotus who is santana gopala mantra in by sages and respected by Devendra, Oh Rama the elder brother of Lakshmanagive me always a son. Santan Gopal Mantra is a powerful mantra which removes all hindrances related to the birth of a healthy child.

Assign, assign a son oh son of DevakiMabtra, assign speedily the birth of a lucky son, Assign, assign speedily Oh consort of LakshmiRaghavaRamachandra, Assignsantana gopala mantra in a son for who would the cause of continuation of the family. Why Should We Celebrate Mahalaya?

Mukunda who goes near Yasoda Drinks from the breast seeing the lotus like face of his motherAnd Sweetly smilinghe catches the other breast by his fingers.