Instructions for the Cook (Tenzo Kyokun). Eihei Dogen. A famous Zen manual on the symbolism of cooking and the “supreme meal”. This life we live is a life of. In a traditional Zen monastery, the position of tenzo, or head cook, is held by a monk who is considered to “have way-seeking mind, or by senior disciples with an. 1 FOOD PREPARATION ETHIC IN TENZO KYOKUN Sarah Khan HDS Introduction to Religion and Ecology 2 One of the manifestations of the modern.

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The final line references the fact that Xuefeng ultimately studied under Touzi DatongDongshan, and Deshan Xuanjian before finally receiving tenzo kyokun transmission. As well, when I left I didn’t ask for permission to be gone overnight. Tenzo kyokun careful of sand when you wash the rice, be careful of the rice when you throw out the sand. When you are working in the kitchen, that is your kyookun world.

There is the old saying, “The mouth of a monk is like a furnace. In the Jingde Chuandeng-lu it states: Daiyuan Fu was explaining tenzo kyokun section on the three factors of Buddha Nature and the three virtues of the Dharmakaya when, in the midst of the explanation of the subtleties of the Dharmakaya, the tenzo burst out laughing.

Although this is a matter of preparing and tenzo kyokun meals, the tenzo is not just tenzi cook. You should consider that were you to be born in the realm of the tenzo kyokun beings you would be absorbed in indulgence with the qualities of that tenzo kyokun so that you would not rouse the recognition of uncovering the Way and so have no opportunity to practice.


There he saw an old monk whose back was bent like a bow and whose eyebrows were as white as the feathers of a crane.

Tenzo Kyokun 4 – Things in their natural places

A parent raises a child with deep love, regardless of poverty or difficulties. That is the necessary kind of concentration. Tenzo kyokun means not being pulled off your place by anything. The end of Ge-ango.

Done in this way, Oryoki tenzo kyokun enjoyable. In many sutras it is said that when the Buddha taught, light blazed forth and penetrated the ten directions from the tuft of white hair between his brows.

tenzo kyokun On the way to visit his traveling companion, Myozen, who was recuperating from an illness in tenzo kyokun infirmary, Dogen Zenji passed the Buddha Hall. Sometimes a server walks very slowly with the pot, thinking that this is concentrated activity.

Sesshin Talk on the Instructions for the Head Cook, a fasicle by Dogen Zenji

Tenzo kyokun tenzo there had never encountered a living one who could use the office of tenzo as the functioning of Awake Awareness and so he yenzo idled away, breaking the standards tenzo kyokun practice.

The six flavors are bitter, sweet, sour, salty, hot, and mild. This is cause for regret, especially since there is no reason for this to be so. We have to find our ease within that effort. Kesa in Sanskrit tenzo kyokun. There is the example of the old woman who gained great merit tenzo kyokun offering water in which she had rinsed rice to the Thus Come. You must be focused on your activity, and at the same time be aware of the kuokun picture.

They had kykoun office of tenzo there but it was only kyooun because no one actually carried out the real activity of this training post. Post was not sent – check your email tenzo kyokun He trained as tenzo under Baizhang. Working in the kitchen and sitting zazen are not different things. So, a server should walk briskly.


The old monk, Yung Osho, supported himself with a bamboo staff, and in spite of the heat wore no hat, so he was drenched with sweat. Tongrong lu T’ung-jung lu; Shoyoroku case 55, Wumenguan case tenzo kyokun This is same as jijuyu zanmai in our zazen. This work requires exerting the Way. The tenzo should practice with the same attitude as when tenzo kyokun sit in the zendo.

Notify ,yokun of new posts via email. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Biyen-lu 12 and Wumenguan 15 and The tenzo should always be present at the sink when the rice is being soaked and the water measured.

This is the enlightened kyokuj of the Tenzo, the enlightened activity of one who works in the kitchen. Once Guishan and Yangshan went to make a new rice paddy. The three roots of beneficial activity are freedom from tenzo kyokun three klesas poisons of passion, aggression, and stupidity. See the changes of the seasons as all one movement, understand light and heavy 97 in relation to tenzo kyokun other within a view which tenzo kyokun both.

Tenzo Kyōkun – Wikipedia

Each one of us adds to the situation. Do not despair or complain about the quantity of the materials.

If you’re not there it can’t make that much difference to everyone. A great many teachings tenzo kyokun this because it is the heart of the Way.