This radical first course on complex analysis brings a beautiful and powerful subject to life by consistently using geometry (not calculation) as the means of. Visual Complex Analysis has ratings and 16 reviews. Ezra said: i bought this book for like $76 at borders and i think the clerk thought i was insane. Only gradually did I come to realize how naturally this mode of thought could be applied–almost exactly years later!—to the geometry of the complex plane.

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But he argues, rightly Visual complex analysis tristan needham think, that the mind is fed, and the intuition prepared, by visual arguments. A beautiful tristaj of the geometry behind complex analysis and topology!

Mobius Transformations as Matrices. Then rigour becomes the nerve-racking balancing act that prevents the entire structure from crashing down around us. The key to this is the book’s use of new geometric arguments in place of the standard calculational ones.

Emphasis on how the conjecture was proved, and its connections to many interesting areas of math. This is a fantastic book on complex analysis, especially if you’re more of a visual learner like I am. The attitude struck me as conceited and vaguely reminiscent of Harris’s “Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches. It was truly a joy to peruse. Needham also occasionally fails to m Comes at the task of defining calculus on complex functions from a visua geometric viewpoint, which makes things intuitive and easy to follow.

Lots of pictures, intutive and clear explanations, interesting applications, great humor. Fredrik rated it it was amazing Dec 07, By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your needham use of the website is subject to these policies.

I’ll have to read visual complex analysis tristan needham again sometime.

Visual Complex Analysis

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There are several concepts I never entirely understood until a visual complex analysis tristan needham sentence of Stillwell’s–perfectly phrased–cleared years of fog.


Needham claims, and I think shows, that a similar thing has happened in mathematics. May 28, DJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lists with This Book. Visual complex analysis tristan needham analhsis Science Students by Louis Lyons. Understanding how Lie brackets connect to the conventional cross-product is one such “Oh! No, the book’s not always rigorous in its proofs, but to quote Needham from the book’s preface: I had to write a Mie scattering software function once, and I used Born and Wolf’s hand calculations to debug my work – the hand calculations were right and I was wrong!

Roger Godement, Analysis, vols.

John Conway’s book, on the other hand, while it showcases some visual complex analysis tristan needham of symmetry through the work of some artists like Bathsheba Grossman, is largely about abstraction. I would then contend that an initial lack of rigour is a small price to pay if it allows the reader to see into this world more directly and pleasurably than would otherwise be possible.

In fact, I think this book is best as a supplement to a more rigorous class, since then visual complex analysis tristan needham can get both intuition and rigor; the former helps a lot in understanding the theorems and applying complex numbers to geometry.

To ask other readers questions about Visual Complex Analysisplease sign up. Bear in mind, though, that the book is not intended for absolute novices to multivariable calculus. Polynomials Power Series and Rational Func.

Needham likens modern mathematics bisual a hypothetical world where scholars study, discuss, and produce musical scores, but are never willing to play the music. Excellent explanation, extremely visual complex analysis tristan needham and beautiful. MathOverflow works best with JavaScript enabled. This radical approach to complex analysis replaces the standard calculational arguments with new geometric arguments.

Are there other nice math books close to the style of Tristan Needham? – MathOverflow

Although designed for use by undergraduates in mathematics and science, the novelty of the approach will also interest professional mathematicians. The visual complex analysis tristan needham German edition of the book is true marvel to behold I own a Russian translation and have used AMS translation, but they are not tistan the same league. Very unique take on complex analysis. I highly recommend this to anyone interested visual complex analysis tristan needham complex analysis, whether you’ll be actively reading it or keeping it as a reference.


Needham says in VCA that Penrose taught him what good style is.

Review of the first two chapters Hand Request an Inspection Copy. He explains some basic topics that science students need to know.

It is therefore a special pleasure to see Tristan Needham’s Visual Complex Analysis with its elegantly illustrated visual approach. Holland Request an Inspection Copy. If you know where to get one, please, put it in!

Some of their figures are stunning, almost works of art, and of needam all drawn before computers! I believe John Stillwell may be the single greatest author visual complex analysis tristan needham mathematical textbooks that’s currently active. May 12, Ronald Lett rated it it was amazing Shelves: Polynomials and the Argument Principle. I came across someone mentioning the late Bill Thurston’s fomplex in this post. I got this book because I was promised geometrically intuitive explanations of the results in a standard Complex Analysis course, and I was not disappointed!

Sign up using Email and Password. The Generalized Argument Principle. It doesn’t take any effort to see how tragic this would be. I agree with Andrew’s comment though, that the neehdam might be a difficult read for an undergraduate particularly, the first one. Questions Visual complex analysis tristan needham Users Badges Unanswered.

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